Seychelles Offshore Company

The Seychelles International Business Company or Seychelles IBC is the most common offshore company to be incorporated in the offshore tax haven of Seychelles. The Seychelles IBC is a business entity which once incorporated can do business anywhere in the world except the offshore tax haven of Seychelles. A Seychelles IBC can engage in business practices that are sanctioned by the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA). A Seychelles

company cannot carry out the following business operation unless a license has been granted by the SIBA; Insurance, Reinsurance, Assurance, banking, Fund Management, Investment Management and asset Management.

Offshore asset protection and planning can go a step further with sound advice and support. Many people have found the prospect of a second nationality to be a great one. Not only do more opportunities for health, jobs and investment become available, greater travel and having a second home in times of social unrest are real. Holders of double nationality also have a second passport that they can use to their advantage for smoother travel. So a Dominican citizen will be able to use his Dominica passport for easier travel within the OECS and Caricom and his or her other passport for easier travel in other regions, example the EU or US if a citizen of the EU or US. Second citizenship programs were established as a means of encouraging economic development that is mutually beneficially to the person investing and the country being invested in. So by investing, one becomes eligible to apply for citizenship and in turn the country increases its resources. A number of service representatives are authorised to deliver economic citizenship application support so that applicants have a greater chance of success.

The Seychelles IBC is a tax free company. The offshore jurisdiction of Seychelles is a tax haven which means that offshore companies pay no corporate tax, income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax. An IBC incorporate in tax haven Seychelles since it pays no taxes are not obligated to file its annual financial audits with the tax authorities in the jurisdiction. This is kept for the benefit of the company and its shareholders. The names of the beneficial owners and directors of a Seychelles IBC are not made public and information concerning an International Business Company in Seychelles cannot be made public without the owner(s) consent.

Owning a Seychelles company is very easy as long as the right procedures are followed. For the incorporation of a Seychelles company a registered agent must be employed to deal with the paper work and the Seychelles International Business Authority. There are many licensed registered agents in Seychelles which provide top quality services. According to IBC legislation which was first passed in 1994 no Seychelles IBC can be incorporated without a registered agent. The registration process for Seychelles IBCs takes between one (1) and two (2) working days.

A Memorandum of Association along with a Memorandum of Association must be prepared by the registered agent to be submitted to the registrar of Companies in this case the Seychelles International Business Authority. The information which must be submitted is the following: the name of the proposed company, the name and address of the registered agent, the currency in which the corporation’s shares will be registered, the purpose for forming the company, a statement showing the authorized share capital along with the par value of shares or state if shares are without par value, a limited life company must state the number of years the company is expected to be in existence for.

The Seychelles company also has to pare the company’s by laws which will state how the operations of the company are to be carried out. The by laws should also state the rights, privileges, limitations and voting rights of the shareholders. The Seychelles IBC once incorporated it has the same legal rights as an individual in the offshore tax haven. The names of the directors and shareholders of a Seychelles company are known only to the registered agent and is does not become part of public records in the tax haven. The Seychelles IBC Is The Most Common Seychelles Offshore Company

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